Thursday, October 23

Xbox One: Phil Spencer "not ashamed" of his power

While the Xbox One is about to celebrate its first anniversary, Phil Spencer has already answer questions that could be asked about a console dying. 

When the Xbox One was sold at the end of last year, Phil Spencer was president of the Microsoft Worldwide Studios. It was therefore involved "only" in the software side of the console. 

After several changes made by Microsoft's vision for Xbox One (vis-à-vis the control of the occasion, for example) and the departure of Don Mattrick, Phil Spencer found himself promoted to head of the Xbox division. This means that it now manages everything related to the Xbox One. 

Guest Podcast Unlocked IGN, Phil Spencer was questioned about the configuration of the Xbox One. The head of the Xbox branch said it would have made ​​the Xbox console One more powerful if he had been involved in its creation: 

I do not know. I know the people who make these decisions but I do not know the realities of the situations in which they were when they made ​​those decisions. It would be easy for me to go back on it now and say 'ok, we would have built a box of three teraflops we would have sold 99 dollars.' But I do not know. 

I do not know the compromises they made. We, members of the 'leadership team' did not make all the decisions. I was taking decisions related content. So I think it would be unfair for me to return to a particular decision and say for example, 'hey, what kind of RAM should we choose?' or return to the case of ESRAM, HDMI input, what we did with Kinect, or other matters and say 'oh, I know all and see the point where we are now, I 'could change those decisions.' 

I think it's a complicated situation for me ... If I was content to say yes, it would send a good picture of me, but I do not know. If I take into account the context of the time, I do not know. I would say that the work done by the team platform is designed to put as much power as possible in the hands of developers. This work has had a tremendous impact in the last six months, and I'm very proud. 

In terms of the box (Xbox One, ed), its reliability is much better than the Xbox 360 at its launch and it's great. I went through the time of the red ring 360 and things like that after all. I am not ashamed of the hardware we have and if someone asks me 'should I buy an Xbox One?' I truly can say 'yes' given the content, platform, services, and hardware we have. 

I can assure them that they buy a platform vis-à-vis which I am engaged at all levels. And we will make this platform as great as possible

This type of speech is actually not surprising. Back on the decisions taken by his predecessors policy is a way to curry favor with players who have been disappointed. The problem is quite different when it comes to capabilities of the console. 

Xbox One is a machine in full commercial operation. A public disavowal of the power of the machine from its leader would send a picture of a console in which players have no incentive to invest. If even its creators say evil, why would consumers reach for their wallet?

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