Friday, October 24

How to Make Your Own Xbox One Background

Larry Hryb on his blog this procedure to create your own wallpaper on Xbox One. This course is intended for owners of the latest dashboard currently in beta. 

For this, it is mandatory to have installed the Media Player, which allows you to explore your photos / images. Here is the procedure: 

  • Connect a thumb drive or have access to a source DLNA 
  • Launch the Media Player, either directly or through Settings, My Xbox, my background, Custom Image 
  • Navigate to the source and the directory where your image 
  • Select an image in jpg / png 
  • Once your image open, open the menu via the Menu button 
  • Enable Set as wallpaper. 
  • You will see your image in full screen and you can adjust its size 

To assist designers, the Design Team Xbox proprose users to Photoshop a model allowing them to see which parts of their images will be hidden by the tiles (

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