Friday, April 18

Xbox One: 5 million sales and Titanfall is the best selling game in March

While yesterday Sony announced have passed not less than 7 million worldwide (see: PS4: 7 million units sold in the world), it is now the turn of Microsoft to communicate a little in relation to the sales of his machine, but the lighthouse Titanfall game.

Indeed, one learns on the official Xbox website Titanfall is (unsurprisingly?) the game that has the more elapsed on Xbox One in March. Unfortunately, no figure has been given, and if based on site VGChartz, the game would have found about 1.35 million policyholders.

But the big information for Microsoft on its latest console. Indeed, the manufacturer proudly announces have sent no less than 5 million machines to resellers, without specifying how many consoles were actually sold to consumers.

However, it still gives us a small ideas, sales so we know now the Xbox One accuses approximately 2 million sales of delay on its competitor, the PS4. Let us not forget, however, that the machine is available in 13 Territories.

[Source: Xbox Wire]

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