Friday, April 18

The PlayStation (PS4) dominates the United States in March

Sony Computer Entertainment is rubbing their hands at the moment. And because, more than seven million PlayStation 4 have passed around the world. NPD Group delivers some figures concerning sales of consoles and games in the United States. Side hardware, and for the month of March, it is the machine of Mister S. that was the most coveted; more than 370,000 units elapsed, against 311 000 Xbox One.

About various productions, and we learned it through Microsoft, it is Titanfall which dominates the charts followed by inFAMOUS: Second sound.

According to the firm, the players reportedly spent more than 395 million in these new technologies last month. Liam Callahan, analyst, says:

As we can see for months, hardware sales saw strong growth in March 2014 compared to March 2013.

The reasons for this increase could be due to the continued success of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You will understand, the video game industry does not seem to know the crisis...

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