Friday, April 18

The features of the Xbox 360 absent on One soon of return

It is on Reddit that Major Nelson defended the fact that the Xbox One was delivered amputated many present features long time on Xbox 360 and coming gradually through updates. As is the case with the latter finally bringing friends connection notifications.

"You must remember that the Xbox 360 is a very mature platform that exists since almost 10 years. '' During this time, we have progressively added a ton of new features. The Xbox One is a whole new architecture and we cannot simply take the work that has been done on Xbox 360 and hop, enter all this data bases of the Xbox One. Things work that way. The team works very hard to remedy and we will continue to add more in addition to features for the Xbox One: those that you've seen on Xbox 360 and news that are possible only on Xbox One «»

On the critical point of the demos that are too little present on Xbox One (only eight demos including six for the launch games) not to mention that the typed Xbox Live Arcade games have more automatically demo as is the case on Xbox 360:

"It is in the list of things to do.

In your opinion, what can we expect knowing that the removal of the mandatory demos had been requested by independent developers for reasons of economies?

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