Saturday, April 19

Destiny is almost finished , players will be "transported" !

A boss Destiny told Eurogamer that the game was about to be delivered. He took the opportunity to give its opinion on the strengths of the game and the recent news of the departure of Marty O'Donnell . Without specifying the details of this separation , it ensures that it will have no impact on the game
"I think the fans of Bungie really expect to hear the music of Marty, Mike Salvatori, C. Paul and Paul McCartney in the game It will really be a great and wonderful experience. People will be transported not only by the activities and stories in the world of Destiny but also the views of the surroundings and the wonderful sounds and music. We have a fantastic team. We are almost ready to deliver the game There are still a lot of finishing , refining and adjustment but a big part of the game is already over. "
Everyone is beautiful, everyone is nice . Many sites have recently been invited into the premises of the studio , one image previews come in the days and weeks to come and tell us a little about how articulates this new open world FPS .

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