Saturday, December 28

Xbox One: a hard drive that has its limits

Our colleagues from IGN have tested the capacity of the hard drive of the Xbox One. The latter is supposed to provide 500 GB , besides the fact that the OS takes its share of the pie , it is interesting to know how many games it is possible to install on the console before being dry .

So , after installing 20 games, the console was unable to install the content, because the hard disk was full. This represents , according to their calculations between 362 GB and 365 GB A bit far from 500GB so ...

Know however that installing games include backups and various applications related to them. Do not forget that the console OS and pre- installed applications (Internet Explorer etc.) are alone 135 GB

It will be an update that will allow you to connect external hard drives failing to change the proposed base. For comparison , the PS4 offers 408 GB 500 , knowing that it is removable : PS4 : a 500GB hard drive but with 408 GB available.

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