Saturday, December 28

Xbox One: the first independent games in March 2014

Announced at Gamescom last , the program ID @ Xbox offers independent developers to publish their games on the Xbox One free market without difficulties and so accompanied . The first fruits of the program are expected to arrive from next March on Xbox Live.

The program director at Microsoft, Chris Charla , was well maintained with Edge and stated that the first indie game born from this program ID @ Xbox arrive regularly from the month of March 2014 ...

I think it will be early next year , in the first three months. I would close the third month. About the number of games that will be is hard to say because they are still developing.

Some developers have begun to develop for Xbox One, already had other games in development and work on versions Xbox One. I would say that currently has a range of all stages of development.

Note that the ID program @ Xbox a lot of talk since it was announced last August , as Microsoft, which was lagging behind Sony in terms of indie games on this new generation , announced offer " indie " s ' self-publish , free of charge , after being accepted and receiving a free SDK .

However , a wind of criticism recently tarnished image following the disclosure of a contract term, the " parity clause " , which would require developers to get their Xbox Version One at the same time as other platforms, thus force them to " remember " their other versions until the Xbox One is ready. Chris Charla but quickly extinguished the fire by announcing that he took into account the feedback from the developers to make Xbox @ ID "best platform there is."

In the meantime, we are very eager to know what will be the first indie games to tumble in March on the new console from Microsoft ... but it should not take long to find out.

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