Tuesday, December 17

Xbox 360 To Store Saved Games On The Cloud

A lot was showed throughout Microsoft’s E3 keynote and because it seems, a number of it absolutely was overlooked too. Director of Programming within the Xbox team, Larry Hryb shared on his journal 2 options to be introduced in Xbox that weren’t talked concerning on stage at E3. One feature is concerning adding social to recreation and therefore the alternative is creating it easier for gamers to access their information.

Cloud Storage

Xbox 360 are storing saved games on the cloud creating it easier for a gamer to continue his game once he's not on his console. The fine print on the service is unclear however i'd assume that this may be a part of the Xbox LIVE Diamond or Gold subscription. It might even be free for all users. Currently, users have to be compelled to save their information on the Xbox HDD or a transportable drive, with cloud storage, the requirement for physical storage has been reduced.

Cloud storage can enable users to correct their Xbox profile together with  Microsoft Points, achievements and friends.


A new social part other to the Xbox 360 recreation expertise makes it easier for gamers to inform their friends what game they'd like play. Larry explains Beacons as:

Beacons ar the way to inform your Xbox LIVE and Facebook friends that you just need to play a game on Xbox LIVE. By setting a Beacon, you tell Xbox LIVE what you wish to play. Then, Xbox LIVE helps you to apprehend once friends ar taking part in or need to play identical game. With Beacons, notwithstanding what you’re presently doing on Xbox LIVE your friends apprehend that it’s alright to raise you to play your Beaconed games.

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