Tuesday, December 17

HBO proceed Xbox 360 Finally obtainable for Comcast Subscribers

Late last month, HBO Go, MLB.TV, and Comcast Xfinity apps were launched on Xbox LIVE, creating a good array of extra TV content obtainable on the platform to those with the acceptable subscriptions. However, on launch day, Comcast (and Time Warner) subscribers were unable to access the HBO Go content. whereas there’s no word on whether or not or not Time Warner users can ever be able to use HBO Go, the @Xbox account did tweet nowadays that HBO Go is currently obtainable for Comcast Xfinity subscribers.

Now, one unfortunate factor regarding victimization the HBO Go app rather than the Xfinity app to look at HBO content is that doing therefore can count towards your monthly broadband usage. The Xfinity app on the opposite hand is treated as another set-top box (without any related to fees, of course), and so doesn\'t count towards information usage.

Both the Xfinity TV and HBO Go apps provide Kinect integrations. within the Xfinity app, you\'ll be able to use either voice management or your arms to navigate through the app. And within the HBO Go app, you\'ll be able to use your voicew to go looking through the catalogue of shows.

So, what ar you waiting for? you\'ll be able to currently watch Game of Thrones victimization either the Xfinity app or the HBO Go app, therefore get to watching!

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