Wednesday, December 25

NSA reportedly infiltrated Xbox Live and World of Warcraft in coursing for terrorists

According to abstracts leaked by Edward Snowden and brought to ablaze today by The Guardian, the NSA has been ecology online gaming communities back 2008 and has even been sending real-life agents into online RPGs assuming as players. Xbox Live was allegedly one of the better casework to be targeted, while World of Warcraft and Second Life aswell came beneath some amount of scrutiny. It's not absolutely bright why the NSA, forth with its UK agnate the GCHQ, anticipation such operations were necessary, but there seems to accept been a accepted faculty that online amateur could be acclimated as advice hubs by evil-doers, as able-bodied as some affirmation that Hezbollah had developed its own bold for the purpose of recruitment.
None of the leaked files advance that the agent-avatars bent any terrorists, even admitting clandestine operations were allegedly so abundant that, at one point, an NSA analyst alleged for a "deconfliction group" to be set up to anticipate the agency's cadre from aback spying on anniversary other. Meanwhile, Microsoft and Linden Labs accept banned to comment, but Blizzard Entertainment has said it was blind of any surveillance demography abode in World of Warcraft and absolutely has never accepted any permission for its players to be observed. The Guardian says it'll broadcast the accordant files after today, in affiliation with the New York Times and ProPublica.
Update: We asked Microsoft how this happened, and a agent told us that Redmond wasn't acquainted of any surveillance activity. "If it occurred as has been reported, it absolutely wasn't done with our consent."

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