Wednesday, December 25

Avenger Reflex aims to advance Xbox One and PS4 ascribe times, looks bananas

Those Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamepads you've got attending a little underdressed, and not about abundant like Batman. Thankfully, the Avenger Reflex is actuality to fix both issues in one fell swoop, appending a carapace to either the XB1 or PS4 gamepad that promises "faster acknowledgment time" and levers to hit the four capital face buttons after accepting to lift your thumbs from either thumbstick.
As you might've already guessed, the Reflex is artlessly the latest abundance in the Avenger series. It adds one new trick: dubbed the "bionic edge," a batten beneath your larboard deride "removes all charge to move your deride from your analog stick." We'll accept to accord it a attempt afore dupe that claim; we've got until "late March," if the Avenger Reflex goes on auction for $70 (pre-orders are accessible now for 20 percent off if you use abatement cipher "REFLEX").
The aggregation started aback in 2011 with an Xbox 360 gamepad shell, eventually evolving several acknowledged iterations. Beyond the Avenger ambassador series, the aggregation aswell makes the occasionally controversial, consistently camp Delta Six gaming peripheral.

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