Tuesday, June 2

New Xbox One System Software Updates in Preview Fix Multiplayer and Party Chat Issues

If you’re a member of the Xbox One preview program and had trouble with the multiplayer of some games or with party chat notifications, help is on the way.
Microsoft released two new patches to the preview version of June’s Xbox One system software update over the past two days.
Below you can read the patch notes for both directly from the private preview forums. It’s worth mentioning that the two updates have been released only for for the testers selected to be part of the first wave, so if you can’t get them, it means you’re in the second:
OS version released: xb_rel_1506.150530-0007
Available: 12:00PM PT 5/31 (1AM GMT 6/2) 
  • A fix for an issue users have reported regarding notifications not working when setting up a party chat session.
OS version released: xb_rel_1506.150531-2200
Available: 6:00PM PT 6/1 (1AM GMT 6/3) 
  • This contains fixes addressing Multiplayer issues : You should no longer have issues starting or joining multiplayer matches with the following titles:
  1. Warriors Orochi 3
  2. Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires
  3. Bladestorm : Nightmare
  4. Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
  5. Zombie Army Trilogy
  6. Happy Wars
  7. Sniper Elite 3
  8. Dragonball Xenoverse
As usual, if you’re not part of the preview program, but would like to be, you can mention it in the comments (including your gamertag), and another reader might be able to send you an invite.
Just remember that this is a beta testing program, so you understand and accept the responsibility for any issues caused to your console, since preview members do it to make the launch of each patch smoother for everyone else, and not just to get a sneak peek on future updates.

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