Monday, January 5

Xbox One vs Wii U :Xbox One Increases Gap Over Wii U to 2 Million

Microsoft's 8th generation home consoles, the Xbox One, has seen sales jump since the temporary price cut in the US. Xbox One $350 Deal has helped push sales to more than 10 million worldwide in the middle of December.

The Xbox One launched a year after its rival, the Wii U, but the gap has shrunk and it overtook it in November of this year. The Xbox One has now outsold the Wii U in worldwide sales by more than two million units.

According to VGChartz Xbox One has sold 10,690,642 units, while the Wii U has sold 8,517,443 units, for the week ending December 20, 2014. The current gap sits at 2.17 million units.

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