Wednesday, January 7

Titanfall: Update 9 is live on Xbox One and PC

The development team at Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts are announcing that update nine for their shooter Titanfall is at the moment going live on both the Xbox One  and on the PC.
According to the official Twitter account for the game explains that it is designed to introduce a number of minor bug fixes and to improve connectivity on both platforms.

The weird thing is that Respawn Entertainment does not seem willing to offer an actual patch log for this ninth update for Titanfall, which plenty of gamers are already asking for.

Respawn Entertainment  has meticulously delivered information on the changes that it was making to the game previously and that means that a full list of the changes it is introducing might turn up in a few hours or days.

The Xbox 360 version of Titanfall will probably get the same changes in a few weeks.

Game Update #9 is rolling out across Xbox One & PC servers. This update provides minor bug fixes and connectivity fixes.

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