Wednesday, December 31

Phil Spencer: A year 2015 that will be remembered

We have seen this year 2014 was rather poor in large outputs, with a very long period of near empty and too much concentration of headlines at year end. We are still waiting the real games called "next-gen" and it may well be that 2015 is truly the year that will start this new generation. This is certainly what we said the boss of the Xbox division, Phil Spencer.

For now, Microsoft is still shy on big games coming next year, and we hope that everything will be focused on the end of the year. In terms of exclusives, Halo 5 Guardians Rise of Tomb Raider and Quantum Break will be here late 2015 and ScreamRide arrives March 6 and we expect other announcements probably not arrive before E3 2015. Who knows, maybe will we be entitled to Forza Motorsport 6 or the compilation of Gears of War ..

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