Friday, October 31

Xbox One: a cheaper processor would manufacture

The first hardware revision arrives, Xbox Slim in preparation? 
The Xbox 360 had already followed the same course every year, a new revision coming out with reduced power consumption, less heat emission and especially a lower cost to the manufacturer returns. It seems that the Xbox One, who will soon return in its second year, is preparing to welcome a cheaper to produce processor.

This is the CV of Daniel Mc Connell, Head of chips all-in-one (SoC) AMD, which tells us the news. It says in effect a new variant of the Xbox One processor, which is engraved in 20 nm (nanometers) instead of the current 28 nm on models sold. 

Finesse higher etching reduces the size of the chip and especially to save silicon, thus money on each unit produced. According to the manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) produce 20 nm will reduce energy consumption by 25% and 30% gains in execution speed (what it actually means, or if it is applicable to the Xbox One is still a mystery). Note that the manufacturer talking chips 20 nm processors in general and consoles are heavily modified. It does not have to take these figures at face value. 

In any case, the next revision of the Xbox One arrives and it will be cheaper to produce (not necessarily less expensive to buy), quieter and colder than it was before. Such changes can also prepare for the arrival of a more compact model, it would be less expensive to ship, packaging, etc. The possibilities are numerous. In the meantime, it mostly means that the console will bring more to Microsoft and this will bring a welcome flexibility to accommodate a possible price drop.

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