Sunday, October 26

Turtle Beach unveils its headphones for PS4 and Xbox One

The manufacturer Turtle Beach unveils new line of headphones for the Xbox and PS4 One. 

With the approaching holiday season, and especially a rather busy schedule in video games, Turtle Beach has compiled headphones that will be available on Playstation 4. Thus, to better hear a little of insulting your mother in 13 years part of Call of Duty. Turtle Beach Ear Stealth 500P offers a wireless headset which integrates the DTS Headphone Surround technology X7.1, reputed to be the most advanced surround sound to date. Promising a range of 15h, the Stealth 500p costing € 139. 

Cheaper, the Stealth 400 is itself also a wireless headset compatible Playstation Playstation 3 and 4 can be used as headphones everyday thanks to its WiFi connection. The Stealth 400 is available for € 99. 

Headphones Xbox One 
Regarding the Xbox One, Turtle Beach offers the Stealth 500x helmets also Wireless Surround with DTS Headphone technology: X and a sytem presets to adjust depending on the types of play, the music or movies. Available for the month of November, the Stealth 500X will cost € 299 anyway. 

The Ear Force XO One is on his side available for € 79. Wanting to be lighter than the Stealth 500X, its microphone can be removed for use as a mobile headset. Both helmets are however not compatible with the Xbox 360. Note that Turtle Beach also offers PC headsets, the ack 100, the Z60 and the 320 Recon.

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