Wednesday, September 10

Xbox One: handle 'Midnight Forces' shown by Major Nelson

XboxFR, French Facebook page, confirmed the arrival of the joystick and France. This should also make its way to other European countries. 

Via a short video hosted on Vine, Major Nelson has just introduced a Xbox One controller that will exclusive to Best Buy chain mainly implemented in the United States. Sporting a camouflage type rocker "Midnight Forces" swapped khaki and shades of brown for several shades of blue look great in the same spirit as the Xbox 360 seen earlier at Walmart. 

Unfortunately for those who have had the misfortune of being born in a country where Best Buy does not exist, that is to say, three quarters of the world, it is unlikely to have a day this controller in his hands. Major Nelson also states that the controller will be sold for a limited period, without elaborating. 

However, this does not prevent us from looking at the pictures below:

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