Tuesday, July 15

Xbox One: the early access also mentioned by Microsoft

Steam and Early Access program clearly emulated. According to Sony, it is the turn of Microsoft to declare interested in the concept. 

The Early Access program Steam allows players against financial participation, access to securities whose development is far from complete. And as shown by the success DayZ, gamers are willing to put their hands in the pocket to play ahead securities they expect more. 

Microsoft is aware and is currently considering the possibility of offering something similar on its consoles. In any case it was stated Chris Charla, the program manager at Microsoft Xbox @ ID, the website Develop: 

For now, you can offer betas One Xbox and Xbox 360. Many games benefit and some tracks even offer private betas. 

When it is a question of early access, this usually means a game you buy will evolve over time to eventually reach the stage 1.0. So you buy it before it reaches the stage 1.0. Minecraft PC is the perfect example. 

This is something that developers have requested, and we listen carefully to the developers, but I have nothing to announce about it yet. 

When the opportunity is given to studios to market games that are not yet completed, a risk that the market is flooded with titles found very poor or suffering from deep design flaws appear. Microsoft wants to logically avoid putting its platform in this situation: 

This is a very interesting problem related to digital markets. This is a subject which our teams dedicated to the store and think the market continuously. 

There are a lot of great thinkers, experts, doctoral student working every day to solve these problems with Xbox. And not just for the Xbox Store for the Windows Store and Windows Phone as well. Our goal is to provide a rational market, where good games are visible and are selling well. 

The wording used by Chris Charla leads him to believe that the Xbox will soon have their early access program. Players are generally very eager to try out the titles they want most, it does not seem impossible that it is a huge success once implemented. 

Simply Hopefully this will not lead to abuse by publishers and developers. Risk would be for example a studio uses this system as a sort of Kickstarter concealed without the player has a guaranteed to receive the finished product. For Microsoft to remain vigilant and properly supervise its partners.

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