Thursday, June 12

1080p his soul!

Remember, Phil Spencer had declared it a few days ago that the new development kits will gain power (judged 10%) to help developers technically go further with the Xbox One.

These beautiful statements seem to find some confirmation in the halls of E3 Convention Center. As we can see on Twitter first, when Bungie announced that Destiny will be in 1080p on One with this little chip shot (Figure).

After formalizing the 1080p Forza Horizon 2 and tidibits announcing the same resolution for Assassin's Creed Unity, the time of "inferiors" at the resolution on Xbox One may be living his last moments, for those who lend attention.

 The good news are linked to the Xbox One with the formalization of 1080p/60fps Battlefield Hardline. Recall that Battlefield 4 will turned to 720p on the same console ...

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