Tuesday, April 22

Xbox One: a point on the three operating systems on the console

Since the presentation of Frank Savage at the Build conference , where it presented the architecture of the Xbox One , things become clearer . During the first few months of the console, it was reported three operating systems that ran simultaneously on the console: Windows 8 , the primary operating system console and another that served as a bridge between.

This is not quite the case . Let's review the details of this software trinity :

1. " Host OS" - . RTOS (Real Time Operating System)

This system is basic and is primarily responsible for the console to turn distributing tasks to different components in addition to managing safety ( ie permissions for launching programs , a sort of hypervisor ) . However, this is not the RTOS rests launching applications or game ( it only gives the green light ), but another separate system.

2. Windows 8 - . Partition Shared

Windows 8 is present on the Xbox One and in a state '' '' almost identical to the PC version ( not visually , but at the code level ) that we already know. W8 is responsible for audio , network features, shared applications (Blu -ray , TV, etc. . ) Interface and graphical design .

3. Windows 8 ( again) - Exclusive OS .

Exclusive OS is the system that is responsible for launching games. It communicates directly with the Host OS to have immediate access to the hardware without going through the Shared Partition that contains more provided the same OS version. For example , requests are sent from the Direct3D Exclusive OS to Host OS without going through any intermediary. This third and final operating system is Windows 8, but in an ultra- efficient version in order to allocate maximum resources to the game

For some components such as the network (notifications / group of friends / messages) , it is possible that the OS makes Exclusive Appeal for a moment the Shared Partition.

That draw from all this ?

In view of the similarities with the PC ( same OS , same x86 ) , it would be very easy to port applications or games on Windows 8 certified Xbox One. Only two restrictions apply: you must still some degree of optimization to ensure good performance and most importantly, it requires a validation upstream from Microsoft. Because if the Xbox One has Windows 8, it is still a more closed and less permissive than its sister dedicated to PC version (which is normal for an OS console) . In other words, the user does not have the last word .

This inter- compatibility due, among others, the imminent arrival of DirectX 12 on the console without much delay after the PC versions. Hopefully the best PC happen soon on Xbox One, as XBMC (multimedia software) for example. In any case , everything is done for 

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