Tuesday, April 22

Microsoft: impossible to make a CTRL+C of the code of the Xbox 360 to put it in the Xbox One

Since the release of the Xbox One, many people wonder why Microsoft are simply not borne the features of the Xbox 360. Major Nelson has tried to answer the question on Reddit where he explained that the U.S. giant would " add more features to the Xbox One - some who were on Xbox 360 and others that are only possible on Xbox One." He simply explained that it is impossible to make a "CTRL + C" ( keyboard shortcut for copy) the code of the Xbox 360.

You must remember that the Xbox 360 is one that has evolved in just over 10 years very mature platform. During this time , we have added TONS of new features . Xbox One has a brand new architecture with which we can not just add the source code that has been done on Xbox 360 with a magic wand . Things do not work that way.
It came in response to a question about the lack of evaluation on One Xbox versions , but Microsoft had insisted he would not be imposed on developers to provide demos. Indeed, due to the large size that they could take on the hard disk of the new generation and especially the time it would take to download, this idea was abandoned.

On his side, Phil Spencer responded to a question about the monthly updates of the Xbox One, it seems that E3 is also rich in ads on this subject.

  1. @XboxP3 Beyond games, will MS have any major features or services to announce for the Xbox One at E3?
@Nicodemus9 We will be talking about our monthly updates going into E3, I'm spending a lot of time with team lately prioritizing features.

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