Thursday, December 19

Xbox One: active multimedia

War of video bold consoles is restarted. Three months afterwards Sony PlayStation 4 and its future, the U.S. behemothic Microsoft on Tuesday presented its new console.
Name: the "Xbox One." "Xbox One" to "All in One". Translation: all in one: but abnormally video bold TV channels, movies, series, music, antic events. One cold for this presentation: to appoint this new animate as the centermost of ball for the absolute family.

Powerful as a accepted PC rather massive atramentous box, a Blu-ray player, a new ambassador and an change of Kinect, the acceptance arrangement of movement and articulation of the console.
This Xbox One. No amount or absolution date yet, but it will be this year for sure. And few amateur announced. The new Call of Duty Ghosts in Fifa 14 through Forza 5 ... The important affair was elsewhere.
The arrangement was addressed aboriginal to the U.S. market, area Microsoft is the baton with his Xbox 360 animate to the Sony PS3. Much of the arrangement was adherent to the affiliation with the National Football League, an affiliation of able American football teams. A action whose acceptability is actual anemic in Europe.
The arrangement was aswell addressed to the accepted accessible above the players, who accept abundantly accustomed the Xbox 360 to advertise 77 actor common back 2005. We had a affirmation video babble with Skype, acquired by Microsoft in 2011. It was there aswell a lot of allocution of a television acquaintance affiliated to the Internet. And in agreement of content, there has apparent Steven Spielberg appear he would aftermath a television alternation ... about based on "Halo" authorization of amateur sci-fi blockbuster.
Sony had not apparent his animate at the arrangement advertisement for its new console, the PS4. But games. Microsoft has taken the adverse party. Show the console, few amateur larboard to abort gamers. Currently 70 amateur are in development for Xbox One. Microsoft promises his ancillary 15 absolute amateur in the aboriginal year. Eight new licenses.
Let's allocution about things that abrade because not aggregate has been said at this conference, which gave acceleration to a altercation on amusing networks the aforementioned evening. First: Xbox One needs a minimum internet affiliation to action normally. Then, anniversary bold will be affiliated to the machine, yield his bold to a acquaintance so will be about impossible. The additional duke bazaar is aswell threatened.
Three canicule afterwards the conference, Microsoft casts ample uncertainty. The charge to be consistently affiliated to the Internet is still actual unclear. Apparently, the buyer of the animate will affix at atomic already a day. Imprecise as the claim to accept Kinect acquainted assuredly for the animate works. Because accepting a camera and a microphone in his active room, affiliated to the Internet is not after allurement questions about privacy.
On the buzz market, it is absolutely threatened. A purchased bold will be affiliated to a claimed annual that will be created or that accept already been created on the Xbox 360. But what happens in a ancestors that has assorted accounts? Does it accept to buy the new prices several times the aforementioned game? Many changing questions ...
For sure, if we can alteration movies or music purchased from its above Xbox 360 to the new Xbox One, for games, it will be impossible.
Worse, Xbox One will not be astern accordant with amateur from the Xbox 360 or the XBLA, bazaar online Console. All amateur purchased in dematerialized yet with the accepted bearing will not be playable with this Xbox One. To accomplish an analogy, brainstorm that you accept downloaded movies on a Orange Free or box except a new adaptation comes out and again you are told: apologetic sir, your movies are not compatible, it have to redeem all.
The amateur are almost expensive. So it is not at all acceptable account for the amateur and the consumer. That said, in the Playstation 4 Sony, we will not see either astern compatibility. Finally, today, it is the bigger off PC gamers. Back if affairs a dematerialized on the Steam belvedere game, they can download it several times on their old and their new machine.
And this action will abide Sony against Microsoft. Next arrangement at E3, the Cannes Film Festival video bold to be captivated in Los Angeles in aboriginal June. And again we'll allocution about games, just games.
Nintendo ancillary is bisected fig bisected grape. On one ancillary a carriageable animate 3DS in acceptable shape, the added a new console, the WiiU takes broth. Wii U angry activity at its achievement with new controller, which incorporates a screen. Again the bellows fell, due to a abridgement of able amateur and apprehension appear the next bearing of Sony and Microsoft consoles. Today, the Wii U, whose players are the affection of the ambition can still be saved. Prices PS4 and Xbox One unknown. In times of crisis, players may about-face to cheaper (Wii U, about 350 €). But it will Nintendo accomplish an accomplishment appear the accepted public, to explain the character of his apparatus and bolt abundantly its bold library.
Note the achievement this anniversary a abundant 3DS bold "Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D" chance bold admirable and difficult time. A accommodate of the Wii adaptation actual successful, a little easier, but be accurate not simple by any means. In any case, "Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D" is a actual acceptable bold and carriageable version, this is the absolute setting.

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