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XBOX 360 Wholesale Directory: Scam Prevention

If you have found yourself in the process of finding legitimate suppliers for XBOX 360 wholesale gaming consoles, video games and accessories, it can be a very time consuming, painful and difficult process, through trial and error. There are hundreds of websites claiming to have the "Ultimate" wholesale directory, unfortunately over 99.9% are there to purposely scam you out of your hard earned money. You will hear claims such as: Once you purchased our "Wholesale Directory", you will soon find yourself making $200,000+/yearly profits and no experience is necessary for these results.

I am sure you have stumbled upon an ebay auction listing for a "Wholesale List' on ebay, what did you find from that wholesale list? Suppliers that we're found using alibaba, which will eventually get you scammed. The first rule to product sourcing is: You cannot purchase name branded electronics from China, so that means for those that think you will find a supplier for XBOX 360's wholesale from alibaba, made-in-china, tradekey, ec21,  you will only lose your hard earned money and be at square one again. Hong Kong does have legitimate distributors for branded products, they have contracts with manufacturers and you will not find them advertising on B2B china websites.
Wholesale Distributor
A business that purchases products, warehouses the product, and  then  resells the product to  retailers or wholesalers. They also provide different services (such as information about products, technical support, warranties, credit) to  their clients.
How is a Distributor Beneficial?
The significant benefits of purchasing product from a distributor, is the fact you're purchasing inventory directly from the source. Let's say for instance, Foxconn manufacturers Apple products, once the manufacturing process for Apple iPhone is complete they ship the iPhones to the wholesale distributors and AT& T. Meaning you're one step away from the manufacturer, with branded electronics you cannot purchase directly from the manufacturer, It's impossible.
A business that purchases large quantities of products and resells to resellers, rather than directly to the retail customer.
How is a Wholesalers Beneficial?
The significant benefits of purchasing product from a wholesaler, is the fact you're purchasing inventory in small to large quantity orders, thus allowing the cost per item to be reduced significantly. Which allows  you to make more profits per sale.
Drop Shipping
Drop shippers ship products for a business directly to your customers, as though the business owned a relevant product inventory, but the manufacturer is the source of that delivery
How Is Drop Shipping Beneficial?
The benefits of drop shipping are the elimination of physical inventory and a positive  cash flow. A positive cash flow cycle occurs because the seller is paid when the purchase is made. The seller usually pays the wholesaler using a credit card or paypal. Therefore, there is a period of time in which the seller has the customer's money, before money is sent to the wholesaler.
Drop shipping also eliminates managing inventory and shipping costs.
As an experienced product sourcing professional, 7+ years dealing with distributors and bulk suppliers, 2 different retail businesses that I would label a success. Once you know where to look, finding reliable, trustworthy profitable suppliers becomes easy, you simply cannot expect to find water looking in the desert.
The facts are, it is vital for you to find XBOX 360 wholesale suppliers that will provide you with true wholesale pricing for consoles, video games and accessories. You will need true wholesale suppliers that will benefit your business with genuine product and quality customer service. I wish you success with your future business aspirations to achieve your goals for financial independence.
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