Thursday, December 19

Battlefield 4: new patch on Xbox One

We learn through the official blog that the update Battlefield 4 is now available on Xbox One. 
Here is the list of fixes: 

Notes Update - Dec. 19 - Xbox One
- Reduction of the possibility of "mutual elimination" (see details below).
- Fixed a problem that could corrupt backup files of the solo campaign
- Fixed a crash that could occur current during the game
- Fixed a crash that may occur current during transitions between sleeves.
- Fixed a crash that could affect players with many friends.
- Fixed the addition of scores on multiple occasions in the rating bar to "screen bottom of the inning," which resulted in the display of a value or a higher rank than actually held by the player.
- Fixed a problem Battlelog in the game where certain non-ASCII characters are not displayed correctly
- Fixed a problem loading maps while the player did not play in full screen
- Fixed a problem with the chat app group chat not working
- Fixed count ribbons game mode in multiplayer progression, which were counted twice.
- Fixed a graphical issue that can occur in the field.
- Fixed a decrease audio volume occurring during the conduct of VCI.
- Fixed a problem that may occur camera when changing weapon being moved in a crouched position.
- Fixed a bug involving animation passengers motocross Rising in China so that the tip character in the target direction by the player.
- Fixed a problem quadrupling the damage a vehicle minigun in the chest when a player has specialization Defence.
- Deletion of the distortion in the audio sequence war (War Tape).
- Fixed bug explosion of drone S (appeared in China Rising expansion pack) when it hits the enemy soldiers. This aircraft is certainly a murderer, but it was not designed to mow down opponents.
- The servers used by players are now placed by default at the top of the server browser.
- The servers used by friends now have a higher priority in the list of servers.
- The server browser no longer displays empty or full default servers.
- The completely empty servers will only be presented if the "Empty" option is checked in the server browser filter.
- The filter in the Server Browser consider a server is complete if all locations "Soldier" are occupied, unless the "Commander free" location is checked.
- Balancing the behavior of aircraft for all classes "stealth" and "ground attack".
- Fixed a bug Defusing mode, which allowed defenders to win a round by eliminating all attackers without defuse the bomb. Now, if the attackers armed the bomb, defenders must defuse even if they killed all the attackers.
- Fixed lock screen player in the ICU.
- Fixed blocking player assassin after resuscitation camera. Note: you may see a display bug after resuscitation if you agree resuscitation in less than a second, it will be removed in the next patch.
- Fixed a bug Defusing mode denied victory for both teams in case of exhaustion of allotted time.
- Fixed the sudden passing of players Spectator mode when portions Defusing mode.
- Fixed the display of pre-screen / camera death.
- Slight increase in the subjective view camera when walking crouched to better reflect the stance of the character.
- Reduction of volume so they improvised explosive no longer cover the background noise.
- Improved overall stability.
Problem of mutual elimination
We solved the problem called "mutual elimination." This is the case in which two players shoot at each other and seem to die at the same time. The time window during which a bullet fired by a dead player inflicts damage is now calculated as it should be, which reduces the amount of time players with high latency can obtain elimination when they should, according to the server, have died. This should reduce the likelihood of mutual elimination.

We really hope that the game will be more stable and pleasant.

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